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Three Days in Vienna

The most memorable three days of your life

Ready for the greatest Three days trip to Vienna?

It looks like you finally made the big decision to spend three days in one of the most incredible cities in the world. We have countless ideas for unforgettable ways to enjoy your journey. No trip would be complete without going to the best museums, tasting the best coffees, and enjoying the most incredible performances. You won’t want to miss walking through pieces of history, shopping on the liveliest Vienna streets, and enjoying some of the tastiest foods you could find anywhere.  If you wish to ensure the best trip imaginable, you absolutely must use our free Smart Trip Planner.

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Violin Player in Maria Teresa Square

One day trip in Vienna

Your first day was a beyond amazing. You visited the St. Michael’s Cathedral and were mesmerized by the view of the city, which was only matched by the incomparable view atop the Giant Ferris Wheel. You took a walk through the shopping streets of Stephansplatz and Graben. You wandered through the Sisi Museum and the Imperial Apartments, in awe of the historical significance of each step. You skated on the largest ice-skating rink in the world and feasted to your hearts content at the famous Mozart Café and Café Landtmann. And you spent a morning watching horses practice to be competition ready.

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Two days trip in Vienna

Day two was even better! You toured the Schonbrunn Palace and saw up close and personal the life and times of members of the royal families, even the vehicles they used. You toured vivid gardens and took pictures of some of the most famous fountains and monuments in the world. You walked around and viewed the most incredible assortment of animals in the world’s oldest zoo. You enjoyed the unique visual experience of Hundertwasser and tasted the delicious wines of the Grinzing vineyards. And you learned how to make the tastiest apple strudel imaginable. Now what’s in store for day three? 

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Vienna State Opera

No trip to Vienna is complete without visiting the Vienna State Opera, which offers first-class productions of operas and ballets throughout the year. Those attending can switch on personal subtitles to accompany the performances in six different languages. There are even several free outdoor performances a few months of the year. To truly maximize the experience, you can take a tour of the opera house and see what goes on behind the scenes.

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Vienna State Opera

House of Music

The five-story House of Music is a rare opportunity to experience the beauty of music and sound. You’ll learn everything about the great composers of the past as well as peer into the future of computerized music. This interactive sound museum is the perfect chance to not only learn by observing, but by experiencing.

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House of music Vienna

Karntner street

When the time for shopping rolls around, you need to head on over to Karntner street (Strasse), the ideal place for shopping, strolling and just hanging around. Some of the most famous cafes in Vienna are located on this street, like Café Sacher, home of the delectable Sachertorte pastry.

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Karntner Street

Mozart House Vienna

Of course you’ll want to go to the only still-standing Viennese apartment where Mozart lived (Mozart House Vienna). He resided in this luxurious apartment from 1784-1787. This lovely home will give you a powerful glimpse into the life of this enigmatic composer, whose happiest years were spent here, in the place where he composed The Marriage of Figaro.

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Mozart House Vienna

Anker Clock

You should also get a glimpse of the Anker Clock, which was built from 1911-1914. This phenomenal creation serves as the bridge between two portions of the Anker Insurance Company building, and the design features historical figures walking across the bridge and parading each day at noon.

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Anker clock Vienna


Please take a breathtaking walk through Freyung Passage. This luxurious marble-clad passage is a visual pleasure, with its pillars, vaulted ceilings and luxury stores lining the path. Freyung Square has been a popular and busy piazza for generations. The public square is pleasant and extremely visually appealing.

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Freyung Vienna

Café Central

And while you’re already nearby, a lunch break at Café Central is highly recommended. Countless famous intellectuals, poets and revolutionaries passed through this historical café throughout the generations. You can now relax in the very same place while enjoying scrumptious pastries and coffee, and listening to sweet piano melodies.

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Cafe Central best Cakes in Vienna

Austrian Parliament Building

For a different look at Vienna, take a trip over to the Austrian Parliament Building, the heart of Vienna’s political activity. The building’s interior and exterior are both fantastic works of design and architecture. This is a very special way to really get a feel for how the politicians who work in building spend their day. There is a diverse array of tours you can take through the building so you can enjoy the experience from multiple perspectives.

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Austrian Parliament Building Vienna

Maria Theresien Platz

The centrally located Maria Theresien Platz is a lovely place to walk, view the scenery and visit the many nearby shopping areas and museums. In the center of the plaza is the Maria Theresa Monument, celebrating the life and accomplishments of Maria Theresa, the only female ruler of the Habsburg dynasty.

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Maria Theresien Platz Vienna

Mariahilfer Street

You definitely will not want to miss taking a stroll along Mariahilfer Street (Mariahilfer Strasse), the longest and liveliest shopping street in the entire city. There is a wild assortment of stores along the street, selling an incomparable variety of products. There are also excellent street cafes when you’re ready for a break.

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Mariahilfer Street Vienna

House of the Sea

A fun and exciting activity while in Vienna is going to the House of the Sea (Haus de Meeres), a lovely aquarium that houses over 10,000 aquatic creatures. This aquarium is a must-visit for anyone interested in seeing up close everything from turtles to sharks. It is recommended that tickets be purchased in advance. 

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House of the Sea Vienna

Spittelberg Quarter

And of course you’ll want to see the Spittelberg Quarter of Vienna. This picturesque district is filled with charming gardens, trendy bars, fancy restaurants and romantic cafes. The variety of sights, tastes and activities in the Spittelberg Quarter is fun and pleasurable to visitors of all ages. 

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Spittelberg Quarter Vienna

Danube Tower

Top off your three-day trip to Vienna off with an exciting night of sights and sensations. Climb to the top of the 826 feet high Danube Tower to get a breathtaking view of Vienna’s old city and the Vienna woods. Or enjoy the view from the tower’s rotating restaurant. You can see the Danube River in style by taking an unforgettable cruise through the Danube River, the heart of Central Europe. There are many options for how you can enjoy the lush scenery as you coast across the inspiring waters of this prominent river. It is recommended that tickets be purchased in advance. 

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Danube Tower


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