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Cafe Sacher Vienna

Delicious, Beautiful and Comfortable!  

Located at the start of Kartner Street Vienna, Cafe Sacher is a coffee house that all tourists must visit. Best known as the creator of the delectable Sachertorte cake, Cafe Sacher still serves the original recipe.

Apple Strudel at Cafe Sacher Vienna

The Sachertorte is widely considered one of the best desserts and chocolate delicacies in the world. Founded in the 19th century style, the ambiance of the shop is ornate and uniquely charming. Even those who do not eat sweets or have a taste for chocolate would appreciate surveying the atmosphere of the restaurant, while sipping a cup of coffee.

The café is located next to the Sacher Hotel (which was constructed by the son of the famous chef) that similarly encapsulates the renaissance revival architecture of the time. Café Sacher and a slice of Sachertorte will be highlights of anyone’s trip to Vienna.


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