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Burgtor Vienna

The Triumphant Arch

Fans of history will love to come out and see the Burgtor, also known as the Außeres Burgtor or Heldentor. Quite some time ago, and for many centuries, Vienna was surrounded by walls. These fortifications were modified quite a few times over the centuries, for both aesthetic and strategic reasons.

When Napoleon came along in 1809, he did serious damage to these walls. In some of the space he inadvertently created, between 1821-1824 they built a new gate for the Hofburg, which is known as the Burgtor; it is the only remaining gate of the city’s walls.

Horse carriage in Burgtor
Horse carriage in Burgtor

The Burgtor, located near Ringstraße, is framed by a wide triumphal arch that was designed by Peter von Nobile. The arch was designed to commemorate the Battle of Leipzig in 1813. In this historic battle, Austria and its allies conquered Napoleon's troops, who were greatly outnumbered. All of this history is now wrapped up in one triumphant arch!

Burgtor Vienna
Burgtor Vienna

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