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Vienna by Boat

Boat Trips on the Danube around Vienna

The Danube River, Europe’s longest, originates in Germany, flows through 10 countries, and empties into the Black Sea.  One of the best ways to experience this natural beauty is by taking a boat cruise along its path. 

With an assortment of cruises offering unique waterway experiences, there is no limit to the ways in which you can enjoy this breathtaking river.  There are year round cruises as well as seasonal outings, and on some ships, an opportunity to be the captain! Whether catching a moonlight trip, a picnic outing, or a city cruise, Danube boat cruises have much to offer.

Vienna Danube Boat Cruise >>

Danube Boat Cruise Vienna

Danube Boat Cruise for 1-2-3 hours in Vienna

Sailing the Danube on any number of sightseeing boat rides is a wonderful way to experience Vienna.  A one hour, breathtaking  tour on the canal banks offers views of Vienna’s beautiful architecture and its many districts. 

A two hour hour cruise allows you to see Vienna’s greenery starting at the Schwedenplatz, sailing towards Vienna’s planetarium and observatories, through the Freudenau Lock and Marina yacht harbor, ending at the Reichsbrucke bridge, next to St. Francis of Assisi's church. 

A three hour cruise allows you to enjoy more of Vienna, as well as the musical delights that help to define the city.

Danube Boat Cruise with Dinner

No boat ride would be complete without featuring some of  Vienna’s finest culinary artistry.  Consider this:  A buffet dinner complimented by the best Viennese wines, musical accompaniment played softly in the background,  and  the warmth of summer’s air on your skin,  as you savor the sparkling brilliance of a city in lights.

With a tour of Vienna’s sites, this enchanting boat ride offers class and culture, as well as fine dining and sophistication.  An evening cruise along the Danube gives you a nautical glimpse into the city’s past, a look into its modern accomplishments, and a glance into future possibilities.

Cruise outside Vienna - Visit the Wachau Valley

There is opportunity to enjoy the water during the day, if you prefer that to an evening cruise. Coursing along the river during daylight towards the scenic Wachau Valley for example, invites tourists to see the flourishing greenery surrounding Vienna’s vineyards, churches, and baroque structures. 

Vienna to Wachau Full-Day Danube Boat Cruise >>

While the landscape calls to you in Wachau Valley, castles and gilded architecture beckon you in Linz.  The Lentos Museum along the river is but one of the attractions that puts Linz on the map and makes visiting such a treasure.  In addition, the Brucknerhaus concert hall on the riverbank makes the Danube a premier waterway.


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