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Karntner Street

A Shopper’s Paradise and a Historian’s Dream

The historical significance of Karntner Street Vienna, or Kärntner Strasse Vienna, dates back to the Middle Ages, when the Romans named the street Strata Carinthianorum, a tactically significant thoroughfare between the city center and the gate of the city wall.

Karntner Street

In the 19th and 20th century, the area was converted to a popular shopping street, but only a few of the buildings from that time remain, due to the destruction from World War II. In the 1974, Karntner Street was designated a pedestrian zone with an eclectic mix of modern shops and relics of a storied past.

The pedestrian zone begins at the corner of the beautiful Hotel Sacher. Continuing down the road, a traveller might stop to take a tour in the Palais Esterhazy, one of the oldest and most elegant remaining palaces in Austria.

Continuing on Karntner Street, visitors should shop at the incredible department store in the building where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart famously passed away. For this reason, there are many shops on the street that sell Mozart souvenirs and Mozartkugeln praline snacks.

Among the many shops on the street, we especially recommend going inside the crystal grinder dynasty Swarovski; it has three floors and an impressive assortment of Swarovski jewelry. Stop at more restored palaces and shops along Kartner Street and enjoy exploring the many alleys. 


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