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Mozart House Vienna

Visit the home of the most creative and famous composer of all time

Vienna is the home of classical music. Therefore, going to visit Mozart’s residence from 1784-1787 is a must. The house is located in Domgasse and was built in the 17th century. A visit to Mozart House Vienna allows you to peak into the life of the greatest classical composer of all time.

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Mozart House Vienna

In 2004, the city of Vienna's Holding renovated Mozarthaus and redesigned it for visitors. The project was completed in 2006, the year of Mozart’s 250th birthday.

Today, the entire building is a center designed to commemorate Mozart’s life and work. While literally following in Mozart’s footsteps, you will see a magnificent musical clock made in 1790 that plays a variation of the “Andante for a cylinder in a small organ”, a piece Mozart composed specifically for the clock!

Enjoy wandering around the three floors of Mozart’s house in Vienna, admiring the place where Mozart reached the peak of his creative achievement.

Mozarthaus Vienna


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