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House of the Sea

Aqua Terra Zoo - The Exotic Marine Aquarium With Diverse Animal Species

House of the Sea Vienna is the largest aquarium in Austria with more than 10,000 animals. The terrarium features crocodiles, lizards, and snakes, and the aquarium is filled with fish, sea turtles and sharks.

House of the Sea has a freshwater section with carps and sturgeons, and the Mediterranean section is home to snakes, crabs and octopus.

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House of the Sea Vienna

Enjoy bird watching at Kroki-Park, and watching monkeys run across the trees. Or quiet your mind with relaxing walks along the wooden bridges of the House of Tropics, as you watch the monkeys, birds and turtles.

On specific days, you can watch the amphibians, sharks and piranhas being fed. And you can even have the opportunity dive with sharks!

House of the Sea (Aqua Terra Zoo) also has a gift shop and a café, as well as a playground and a climbing wall.

House of the Sea with Children

House of the Sea Vienna (Haus des Meeres Wien) is open every day from 9AM to 6PM (to 9PM on Thursdays). Book your tickets via email, SMS or our App. Just show your ticket on your smart phone at the gate, and you are ready to begin your adventure.

Web Site: Haus des Meeres


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