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Austrian Parliament

Austrian Parliament ultimate combination of politics, history, art, and architecture

The imposing and beautiful Austrian Parliament Building was designed by Baron Theophil Hansen and completed in 1883. It is located on the Ringstraße in central Vienna, and it is one of the Ringstraße's largest structures. The first thing you'll notice when approaching the building is the famous Pallas Athena fountain, which features the goddess Athena with statues by her side symbolizing regions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

While still outside, you will appreciate the more than 100 statues decorating the building, including four large chariots that adorn the roof. Photographers in particular enjoy how the building looks with the lighting in the morning and at night.

Austrian Parliament Vienna

Austrian Parliament Building

Inside the building, take note of the columns, statues and chambers, some of Austria’s finest architecture and interior design. Also note the impressive furniture and artwork. There are many areas you won't want to miss, including the Imperial House of Representatives, designed to look like a Greek theater, and the Chamber of the National Council. The building also houses committee rooms, libraries, dining rooms, bars, and gymnasiums.

The Austrian Parliament Building is where the two Houses of the Parliament of Austria conduct their sittings. On days when Parliament is in session, you can go to the visitor center to learn all about Austria’s system of government at the interactive stations.

Guided tour in the Austrian Parliament

Visitors can also take a wide assortment of different guided tours through the Parliament Building every day (except Sundays), and tours run throughout the day. The tours provide fantastic insights into the political work, historical details, and architectural features.


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