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Apple Strudel Show at Schonbrunn Palace

Vienna’s Apple Strudel Show Learn to Craft Vienna’s Delicious Traditional Pastry

It is extremely ill advised to miss the Apple Strudel Show, offered in German or English. Every day at the top of the hour, from 11AM-4PM, make your way down the impressive staircase where a professional pastry chef meets with groups of visitors at the demonstration bakery in Schönbrunn Palace’s historic Café Residenz, where strudels have been prepared for centuries.

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Apple Strudel Show in Schonbrunn Palace

How to bake an original Viennese apple strudel

The chef expertly shows how to bake an original Viennese apple strudel, one of the city's most famous desserts. For approximately 15-20 minutes, onlookers get to witness the expertise and craftsmanship as the chef creates the traditional dessert to perfection, rolling the dough so thin you can actually see through it! From start to finish of the show, the mouthwatering aromas fill the bakery.

Try a warm piece of apple strudel

It's almost impossible for most to resist trying a warm piece of the freshly baked strudel by the time you leave, which comes complementary at the end of the show along with a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

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Get the original recipe

Those who attend the Apple Strudel show not only learn how to craft this delectable Viennese dessert, but they are also given the original recipe so they can try it out for themselves (available in multiple languages). Make sure to pay close attention to all the fine details along the way, so you're fully able to make your own perfect pastry.

Book your tickets in advance

The show is extremely popular, and there is a limited amount of visitors who can attend at any given time, so it is extremely advisable to make sure to purchase your tickets in advance. 

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