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Squares in Vienna

Appreciating the busy hubs of activity in Vienna

What can you say about the numerous squares and plazas in Vienna, except that if you can’t find one that you want to photograph, you are just not trying. Some are part of another site, so it can be difficult to appreciate the square separately from the significance of its surroundings. But these focal points are everywhere, and people gather for there for business and for fun. 

Some are purely decorative, others mark serious events. There are those that celebrate individuals and those that celebrate an individual taste in art. There’s a square just for shopping and one that stands at Vienna’s geographical center. 

A couple of them have inspired literature and film. Many of them were just built to be nice places for aristocracy to hang out, and now, today’s visitor can enjoy the same privilege. 

When you visiting Square in Vienna you must see: Mexikoplatz honors Mexico’s lone voice of protest in 1938 at the League of Nations against Nazi Germany’s desire to annex Austria.

Main Squares in Vienna

The landmark known as a “square” is a platz in Vienna, the crossroads and gathering places where commerce meets culture.

In the category Squares in Vienna, you will find information About Vienna main square, Stephansplatz, Maria Theresien-Platz, etc.

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