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Historical sites in Vienna

Vienna Sights & Landmarks

Discovering the history of Austria’s capital - In the Middle Ages, building a monastery gave weight to the founder and that administration, so when Henry II, Duke of Austria formally announced Vienna as the state’s capital in 1155, he commissioned the Schottenstift monastery for the center of the city. 

As other historic eras followed, there also followed years of churches and cathedrals, universities, printing presses, and sieges by Hungarians, Turks, the French, the Plague, psychoanalysis, and the fear of annexation. These became monuments, or were given one. 

Vienna Historical Sites

Fine arts centers, theaters, schools for horses, and zoos are also sites that remain as markers in Vienna’s timeline. With so much ground to cover, consider deciding on a theme ahead of time: are you more interested in how long it’s been there or why it was built, or do you prefer to hit the highlights? 

When you visiting the Historical sites in Vienna you must see: Again, be sure to spend time on the river that inspired waltzes, art traditions, candy, a Star Trek vessel class, and Hasidic lullabies.

In the category Historical sites in Vienna, you will find information about Most of Vienna’s historically significant: see cathedrals, monuments, parks, and birthplaces of great thought and art.

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