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Saint Michael Square


Michaelerplatz, the Most Famous Square in Vienna Endless sites to see and experience at this exciting central location

The Michaelerplatz (Saint Michael Square) is one of the most famous squares in Vienna. The square is extremely close to the Hofburg Imperial Palace and other important Viennese attractions. The most prominent feature of the square is the gate of the Imperial Palace, located opposite one of the first modern buildings in Vienna, the Looshaus. The Looshaus, built in 1911, has a very modern facade, influenced by the birth of skyscraper architecture in the U.S.

Saint Michael Square Vienna

Saint Michael Church

The oldest building in the square is the Michaelerkirche (the Saint Michael's Church), the church, with its intricate Baroque design, that served the Austro-Hungarian emperors and dates back to the 14th century. And there are many other extremely important attractions you will definitely not want to miss.

Roman history and archaeology in Michaelerplatz

In the center of the square is an open area with several stunning Roman and medieval ruins. The ruins were fortuitously discovered during excavations that took place at a local U-Bahn station. On a concrete pit, they discovered a whole array of captions in an assortment of languages. These captions explain the significance of the ruins, which had served historically as the location of a brothel frequented by Roman soldiers. It is a delight for those who love history or archaeology.

Horse-drawn carriages (fiakers)

One of the best ways to enjoy Michaelerplatz is to take a ride through the area in one of the many fiakers (horse-drawn carriages). You just need to approach one of the fiaker stands, and before you know it, you will be experiencing this busy and exciting square in the most stylish way imaginable.


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Address: Michaelerplatz, 1010 Wien, Austria

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