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Austrian Museum of Folk

A Deep Insight into the History and Culture of Austria

For a deep insight into the history and culture of Austria, the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art is a must visit. The museum was founded in 1895 and since 1917 it has been housed in the Schönborn Garden Palace in the Josefstadt district of Vienna. The museum expertly displays collections of the traditional folk culture of Austria and its surrounding countries. The museum was heavily renovated at the close of the 20th century, which has opened up the possibility for a new design for the ground floor exhibits. There is a splendid overview of pre-modern folk culture with a unique look at the Museum's folk art collection. 

The Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art (volkskunde museum) is excellent for both visitors and residents alike. And it is perfect for those who want an overview of Austrian folk culture as well as those who love to explore aesthetically crafted popular arts.

The museum's intention is to demonstrate how people relate to the environment, the economy, history, and society. It also wants to show how they think about their place in the world. The selections, exhibitions, and arrangement of the museum's rooms are meant to guide visitors to see what lies beneath the objects' surfaces, and to allow them to reflect on the various connections between objects and history. The folk-created objects date primarily from the 17th to the 19th centuries and they brilliantly reflect the everyday life and times of everything from Vienna's architecture to its immense regional pride.


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