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Schonbrunn Gardens

Gorgeous 18th Century Garden with Countless Place to Visit and Activities to Partake of

Schonbrunn Gardens Vienna was opened to the public around 1779 and is home to numerous attractions. The Schoenborn Gardens are famous for their gorgeous, well-tended, French-style gardens. The combination of browns and greys create an unforgettable aesthetic appeal across all seasons.

Schonbrunn Gardens at Schonbrunn Palace Vienna

Best things to See and Do in Schonbrunn Gardens

The artfully trimmed hedges, splendid flower beds, and statues will take your breath away as you stroll through the Schonbrunn Gardens. The park offers countless attractions, including the Roman Ruin, Neptune Fountain, Privy Garden, Angel Fountain and Carriage Museum.

While in the park, don’t forget to experience the Schonbrunn Zoo, with its unique design, amazing activities and exotic animals. The Children's Museum Schonbrunn is a fastastic place to learn about the imperial family’s daily life. What a memorable place to host your child's birthday party or enjoy a special guided tour of the State Rooms.

Schonbrunn Gardens View

Other notable attractions of the park include the majestic Schonbrunn Palace or the daily Apple Strudel Show, where onlookers watch a professional chef create this classic pastry. The Garden opens at 6:30AM, and whereas many of the attractions have fees, the park itself is free of charge.

Schonbrunn Gardens


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