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Useful information for Vienna

Good to know: Generally helpful information while you're in Vienna

Keep in mind that Austrians are more friendly with tourists, but are also more formal with speech and behavior, being on time, money, and proper dress than is normally seen in heavy-tourist areas, so explore the local etiquette (and weather report) before you go. 

How to be a more relaxed tourist in Vienna, Austria

There are some handy words to recognize in German, but many people speak some English (Vienna’s web site is superb), and there are tourist and travelers’ sites that can often help with more languages. In addition, emergency, health, and other public services are easy to find, as are several embassies (including those of the U.S.).  

Tourists to Vienna have an easy time finding information and services. When you planning your vacation in Vienna and Austria, you must look for Useful information: map of Vienna, weather, accessibility, etc.

In the category Useful information for Vienna, you will find Generally helpful information while you're in Vienna, etc.

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