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Schonbrunn Children's Museum

Learn All About Royal Children of an Era Gone By

Welcome to the Schonbrunn Children's Museum, where you can learn all about the life and times of children from a previous world and generation. You will discover countless marvelous things about everyday life of the imperial children. Discover how they dressed, how their table was set, and even about their hygiene. There are countless things to learn about this tremendous world.

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KaiserKinder Children at Schonbrunn Vienna

You can explore this intriguing museum at your own leisure. There is a picture wheel that teaches about differences between imperial children and the children of the people. You can play with the toys of an era gone by and learn all about the "secret" language they used. Visitors to the Children's Museum (Kindermuseum Schloss Schönbrunn) love to explore the enormous costume and disguise corner where they can dress up like a prince or princess. 

Kaiser Kinder Vienna

Nowadays, children of all ages get to visit Schönbrunn Palace to experience the life and times of Empress Maria Theresia's 16 children who used to wander through and play in these very same rooms and halls. Kids can try on Baroque dresses and beautiful wigs, attend monthly dance lessons, and experience guided tours, all to learn about an era and a lifestyle that's as unique as it is fascinating.

kaiserkinder Children Room

Kindermuseum Schloss Schönbrunn


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