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The Gloriette at Schönbrunn Palace Structural Beauty, a Breathtaking View, and Delicious Food Await

A "Gloriette" is a building in a garden on a site elevated from its surroundings. Built in 1775, the Gloriette in Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace garden is the largest and most famous gloriette in the city.

The buildings were completed according to the plans of Austrian imperial architect Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf von Hohenberg. The buildings were used as a dining hall and festival hall for emperor Franz Joseph I, and were constructed to be a "temple of renown" to serve as both a focal point and a lookout point for the garden.

The buildings have a noticeably militaristic decor, and the sculptures around the building attest to the Gloriette’s serving as a tribute to war. The inscription in the middle part of the building reads "JOSEPHO II. AUGUSTO ET MARIA THERESIA IMPERANTIB. MDCCLXXV" (Erected 1775 under the reign of Emperor Joseph and Empress Maria Theresia).

Gloriette Vienna
Gloriette Vienna

Look down over the Schönbrunn palace

The Gloriette is located across the Schönbrunn Palace garden and maintains a sizable viewing terrace. The location is very intentional, since from the terrace you are able to look down over the palace and greater Vienna as well, providing one of the most magnificent and romantic views of the city.

Café Gloriette

The La Gloriette also houses a modern cafe, known for its delicious pastries and Sunday morning brunch, accompanied by live music ranging from the classics to jazz. With amazing food and an unmatched view, it is a truly unique experience to eat breakfast in the same luxury and location as Emperor Franz Josef himself!

Gloriette Schonbrunn Palace


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