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Viktor Frankl Museum

Learn All About the Founder of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

For an extremely deep and mentally stimulating look at one of the most intriguing figures of the 20th century, take a trip to the Viktor Frankl Museum. The world’s first museum of its kind is small, but packs quite the punch. The Viktor Frankl Museum, in Vienna’s 9th district, is dedicated to Viktor E. Frankl, the world-famous founder of logotherapy (the "Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy") and existential analysis (a person-oriented psychotherapy with the aim of leading people to a responsible way of dealing with life and the world). Frankl was a famous Viennese doctor and philosopher who lived in the house that now accommodates the museum from the end of the Second World War until his death in 1997. The museum would later open in March 2015, when the well-known Holocaust survivor would have turned 110 years old.

Visitors can participate in many interesting activities, such us going on a search for clues through the life, work, and creativity of the founder of logotherapy. There is an active debate with personal sensory and existential questions, which is answered with Frankl's concepts and ideas. This gives visitors a personal search for a deep sense of meaning and purpose. The interactive exhibitions consist of turn boards, audio and video excerpts, and boxes behind which questions and answers are located. The exhibition is available in both English and German. Also, come experience guided tours given by people trained in logotherapy. The tours are only available outside the hours the museum is open.


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Address: Mariannengasse 1/13, 1090 Wien, Austria
Phone: 43-699-10961068
Website: Viktor Frankl Museum
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