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Where Roses Bloom in Spring and Souvenir Photography Takes Center Stage

Stadtpark Vienna, opened in 1862, is a beautiful park in the city center where you can relax and take photographs of the beautiful gold-plated Johann Strauss memorial monument. There are other monuments in the area, including those for Robert Stolz, Franz Lehar, and Franz Schubert. The park is absolutely rich with sculptures and monuments.


Stadtpark Vienna is beautifully adorned with exotic trees, flowerbeds, meadows, and a large pond. Enjoy the beautiful fountains and pools in the picturesque green area, relaxing during early spring as you enjoy a picnic in the warm rays of sun.

There is a wide array of plants blossoming throughout the year, creating the perfect gardening masterpiece. What an opportunity to relax your mind as you enjoy the park’s quiet seating areas. 

The park also has a children's play area and small dock ponds. And don’t forget to enjoy a cup of coffee in the pleasant ambiance of the coffee houses and restaurants of Stadtpark Vienna.

Johann Strauss Monument


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Address: Stadtpark, 1030 Vienna, Austria

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