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Roman Museum

The Remains Of The Vindobona Legion Camp of the Roman Empire

Vienna Roman Museum holds the rich history and remnants of Vindobona. Vindobona was a Roman army camp dating back 2000 years. The soldiers‘ mission was to protect the northern boundary of the Roman Empire.

Vienna Roman Museum houses remnants of the two tribute houses and other archaeological findings. The crumbled walls, tiled floors, and art exhibition tell the story of the legion camp. Also, there are 3D animated films with English subtitles that depict life in the Roman Empire over 2000 ago.

Roman Museum Vienna is open from Tuesday to Sundays, as well as public holidays. It remains closed during Christmas and New Years.

There are wheelchairs and wheelchair accessible restrooms for people with disabilities, and multimedia guides in sign language. Guided tours for the blind and partially blind are available with prior arrangement.

On the main entrance and shop areas, there are no stops. You can access the rear exhibit area via eight steps. There is an exhibit on the first floor accessible with a stair-climbing device.

Entry is free for people under 19. There is free admission for all on the first Sunday of each month.


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