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The Museum of Illusions

Your Mind Will Take You So Much Further Than Your Eyes

Take a break from the real world and step into the world of illusions. Located in central Vienna, the Museum of Illusions is a fun, interactive and educational experience for all ages. Over 40 Optical illusions and grand illusion rooms will fool your eyes and entertain your brain. You will learn amusing and awesome facts about vision, perception, the human brain and the science behind everything, so you can understand why your eyes see things your brain cannot comprehend.

Photo By: Museum of Illusions Vienna

Measure play and solve

There is so much to experience! There are more than 40 interactive optical illusion exhibits. The Museum of Illusions encourages visitors to be interactive. You can try things out, measure them, play with them, and solve them. Most importantly, visitors can become part of the illusions.

Ames Room

In the Ames Room, you can watch your parents shrink and grow in front of you, or picture yourself as a giant. The room's concept has been widely used in TV and movie productions for special effects to show giant characters next to smaller ones. This is why the Hobbits looked much smaller then Gandalf in The Lord of The Rings trilogy. 

Upside-Down Room

In the Upside-Down Room you can levitate above the floor, stand on one finger or even walk on the wall. Use your imagination to create the most creative and original pictures. And finally, if you didn't get enough mind-challenging illusions, there are more than 50 different wooden Mind-Games and 3D Puzzles to solve. The friendly staff is always there to help you with anything you need!


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Address: Wallnerstraße 4, 1010 Wien, Austria
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