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Joseph haydn house

Joseph Haydn's Home and the Memories Within

Ever heard of Joseph Haydn, the famous composer who lived in the Haydn house Museum for twelve years? Centuries after his death, his house is still intact with its original decor and furniture. There is even an herb garden adjacent to the house modeled after the gardens of his time. 

Before Haydn passed away, he was a well-renowned international composer in Europe. Some of his best-known works include “The Seasons" and “The Creation."

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The Joseph haydn house Museum (Haydnhaus) holds the composer’s precious memories and personal belongings. Each room in the house holds significant memoirs from different times in Joseph's life. The house is a favorite of music enthusiasts who can purchase his music there as well.  


The Haydn house Museum exhibit also contains memoirs and records of the international visitors Haydn received throughout the years. 

The property was renovated in honor of the 200th year of Haydn’s passing. It was officially re-opened on January 29th, 2009.


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Address: Haydngasse 19, 1060 Wien, Austria
Phone: 43-1-5961307

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