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Imperial Carriage Museum

Travel back in time to learn about the courts

The Imperial Carriage Museum, or Kaiserliche Wagenburg, is one of the most popular attractions in Schonbrunn. The many magnificent carriages, paintings and robes allow one to glimpse inside the history of court life. Some court life procedures include coronations, weddings, funerals and more.

The lives of many notable leaders, including Maria Theresa, Franz Joseph and the French Emperor Napoleon, are documented at Kaiserliche Wagenburg. Some of the many things you will see include the golden children’s carriage (which belonged to Napoleon’s son), Sisi’s “riding chapel”, and the courts automobile.

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Imperial Carriage Museum in Schonbrunn Palace

At the Imperial Carriage Museum in Vienna, you will learn many interesting facts about the court. For example, you might learn that in the Spanish court nobody was allowed to sit higher than the ruler, or that the first court automobiles were delivered with exchangeable bodies to accommodate both winter and summer. If this type of history interests you, going to Kaiserliche Wagenburg is well worth your time!

Kaiserliche Wagenburg in Vienna

Kaiserliche Wagenburg


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