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Funeral Museum

Learn All about the Living through Funerals and Cemeteries

Want to learn about something completely unexpected? Come visit the Funeral Museum (Bestattungsmuseum), located at Vienna's Central Cemetery, to gain countless insights into the funeral and cemetery culture of past centuries. There's a great deal to learn about the quality of someone's life from the beauty and splendor of their funeral. This makes the location and the museum the perfect place to learn about Viennese history and culture.

The museum is modern and interactive in an expansive area under the historic chapel of rest. Visitors learn intriguing information about the Viennese funeral service, the funeral industry, the history of Vienna’s cemeteries, and the enigmatic Viennese cult of the dead.

Funeral Museum contains more than 250 original objects and photographic material, such as an original "Fourgon" (coach for transporting bodies) from around the year 1900. There are some more odd objects, such as a heart palpitation knife and a life-saving clock. These items date to a period when people worried about being buried alive! The museum contains a foldaway coffin from 1784, which Emperor Joseph II used to reuse coffins repeatedly. There's billing information of the imperial court about the costs for the transport and funeral of the heir to the throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, who were killed in Sarajevo in 1914.

The museum is packed with interactive and multimedia content. There's material like videos, such as one of the funeral of Emperor Franz Joseph in 1916. And there's an audio station to listen to the most popular songs played at Viennese funerals.


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Address: Funeral Museum Vienna, Simmeringer Hauptstraße, Vienna, Austria
Phone: 43-1-76067

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