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Austria by Rail

The OBB Train Service of Austria

Discover Austria by Rail with then comfort and convenience of OBB

An amazing and convenient way to see the beautiful country of Austria is by train. One of Austria’s leading eco-friendly companies is OBB, who takes its responsibility of transporting over one million passengers daily very, very seriously. With OBB you are able to travel all over Austria, and to many other parts of Europe as well. The OBB service operates 24 hours a day, ensuring great service for all of its customers.

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Travel on an OBB train

When you travel on an OBB (ÖBB) train, you travel in comfort with style. The seats are ultra-comfortable, there is Wi-Fi throughout the train, and there is an onboard restaurant service. OBB is famous for its wildly punctual arrivals. And you can take your comfort to the next level by enjoying our business class and first class tickets as well.


One method of traveling using OBB is their specialized OBB App (available for iPhone and Android), which makes the entire travel experience worlds easier. With this App, right from your smartphone you can book tickets and get up-to-the minute updates on train routes. The system stores all of your information, so no matter where you are, you will be able to access your tickets and all other relevant information.

OBB special offers

Keep an eye out. All throughout the year, OBB has many discounts and special offers. However, all year round you can purchase Einfach-Raus-Tickets, designed to greatly reduce the cost for group travel (2-5 passengers) all throughout Austria, with countless simple ways to purchase the tickets, including the OBB App.

Travel on an OBB train - copyright:


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Frank Thomas
Date: 16/02/2018
Title: The Best away to visit Salzburg

Text: we toke the train from Vienna to Salzburg and it was the best thing to do.
we enjoyed Travel on an OBB train

Rating: 5 out of 5

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