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Vienna Technical Museum

Illuminating the Past and the Future

You won't want to miss Vienna's extraordinary Technical Museum, a phenomenal showcasing of technological developments that illuminate the past and the future. Come check out the many vivid multimedia presentations demonstrating the influence of technological achievements on our society, economy, and culture.

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Vienna Technical Museum - Copyright Klaus Pichler

You will love taking a guided tour through the mine exhibit, learning all about the inner world of mining. These daily tours will teach you all about many devices that originated in mining, such as water pumps.

Another amazing museum highlight is the singing. It creates extremely high voltages that form lightning bolts. The discharges actually play music! You'll be amazed when you experience the electricity in the discharge making the lightning itself into a speaker, and witness the singing Tesla coil make music. You will enjoy lovely songs like “The Blue Danube” to “Smoke on the Water”.

Another can't-miss experience in Vienna Technical Museum is the Schnittlok, a steam locomotive that brought passengers through Austria almost 100 years ago. It's now located in the Museum of Technology and offers insights into the interior of a steam locomotive. These and other amazing technological items and exhibits form the heart of an entertaining and educational visit to the Museum of Technology.

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Technisches Museum

Kids play at Vienna Technical Museum - Copyright Daniel Zupanc


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