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Vienna Shoe Museum

Imagine putting yourself in someone's literal shoes! 

Are you fascinated by shoes? Have you ever noticed the changes in footwear over time? If so, a trip to the Vienna Shoe Museum (Schuhmuseum Wien) is well worth your time. You will be able to see all sorts of shoes, from the riding boots of Emperor Franz Joseph to historical and authentic shoes like the “Grossglockner”.


The Vienna Shoe Museum, or Wiener Schuhmuseum, was officially opened by the federal minister D. Michael Haupal. The museum does an excellent job describing the process of shoemaking and the changes in the shoemaking industry throughout the ages. 

Different parts of the museum focus on different types of shoe fashion. For example, one important aspect of the exhibit deals with ladies’ shoes. In fact, there are shoes in the exhibit that might have been owned by Empress Elisabeth herself! Enjoy wandering through the Vienna Shoe Museum and admiring the ancient shoes of past leaders!​

Schuhmuseum Wien


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