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VREI - Virtual Reality Café

Fun and Food of the Future

There is a very special bar in Vienna known as VREI, a virtual reality cafe. It is the ultimate place to check out the latest in gaming technology while kicking back and relaxing with some delicious beers. 

VREI - Virtual Reality Café is the world’s first virtual reality bar, and it is something beyond unique and special. Bring your family and friends for the time of everyone's lives! Put on your virtual reality headsets and prepare yourself for incredible technology like the Samsung GearVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. But it's so much better than just games, because you're doing all of this while enjoying an ice-cold beer or some coffee, and perhaps a tasty slice of hot pizza. 

Virtual Reality - VREI Vienna

The bar's founder, Timon Liebau, wanted to make virtual reality more accessible to the general public. The bar is the perfect manifestation of his vision. There are all sorts of different types of virtual reality experiences you can have, both free options as well as pay-per-play experiences. Enthusiasts of virtual reality can get in touch with the new technology in the most comfortable environment imaginable. So if you want to try out a roller coaster or race car simulator, or you want to pretend to gun down some threatening zombies, you can do it all at VREI. You can also go downstairs to check out the tons of retro arcade games, all of which are free to play. And you get to do all this while enjoying a lovely craft beer, an Aperol Spritz, or some scrumptious snacks.


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Address: Lindengasse 53, 1070 Wien, Austria
Phone: 43-677-62005888

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