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Third Man Museum

Insights into Film and Post-War Vienna

Interested in film or post-war-Viennese history? Then you absolutely need to visit the Third Man Museum (Dritte Mann Museum). Right in the vicinity of the beautiful Naschmarkt, there is an extensive collection of original exhibits about the film classic “The Third Man”, filmed in Vienna in 1948. And there is an impressive array of documentation about the historic background to the film with originals from Vienna's occupation period (1945-1955). Everything comes together to present an unforgettable look into post-war life and history in Vienna.

Third Man Museum Vienna

There are thirteen phenomenal rooms with 2,500 original exhibits. Anton Karas and his impressive zither music are heavily featured. There was a giant zither boom in the 1950s, exemplified by the 400 playable cover versions of the "Harry Lime theme" you'll find in the museum. Some of the great items you'll see on display are original screenplays, on-set cameras, the cap of little Hansel, and the still-functioning projector from 1936, on which you can even view a brief film sequence. There is also a very special exhibition about the actor, Orson Welles, who played the role of Harry Lime. It includes over 250 photographs, 40 posters, and interview footage, all to paint quite the picture of this remarkable artist.


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