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Strauss Museum

The Incredible History and Creative Works of the Strauss Family

Welcome to the Museum of the Johann Strauss Dynasty, the first museum in the world to present the family history and creative works of the entire Strauss family. The Strauss family, including Waltz king Johann Strauss and his brothers Josef and Eduard among others, were at the time on top of the entire music world. To this day, their countless works are an unmatched representation of Viennese music. The Strauss legend is alive and well in Vienna. You can still hear their waltz and operetta melodies at concert houses and at the traditional New Year's concert. This concert is broadcast to the delight of the entire world from the Golden Hall of the Musikverein.

The Johann Strauss Dynasty Museum was opened in 2015. It is the ideal place for music lovers to soak up countless original historic pictures and documents from the period of the Viennese Biedermeyer all the way until the Ringstrasse era of the late nineteenth century.

In the Strauss Museum, there are audio stations for enjoying extremely high quality music. Everything is arranged in 15 different themed areas, so you can experience the museum at your own pace in the way you choose. Some of the incredible areas included are the Strauss family tree, the triumphal march of the waltz, Vienna dances of the Biedermeier period, from suburban violinist to manager and chief conductor, Imperial Ball music director Eduard Strauss continues the family tradition, the Vienna World Exhibition of 1873 and "Die Fledermaus", and musical contemporaries of the Strauss family.


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