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The Schubert's last residence

A Deep and Moving Look into the End of his Life

Come see the final Schubert's last residence (Sterbewohnung) of Franz Schubert, for a deep and moving look into the end of the life of this incredible composer. Schubert was ill and moved into his brother Ferdinand's home in 1928, and passed away just a matter of weeks later on November 21st. The apartment was just two rooms and a cabinet study on the second floor, where he composed his last works, including "The Shepherd on the Rock".

The home has been renovated and preserved and now serves as a small museum dedicated to the life and demise of Franz Schubert. The exhibits document the last weeks of his life, his death, the funeral, and the grave of the composer. The museum stirs up countless emotions as you gaze upon such haunting items as a lock of Schubert’s hair, Ferdinand's piano, reproductions of Schubert's original sheet music, an original invitation to the requiem mass, and a touching letter Ferdinand wrote to his father expressing Franz's wishes to be buried next to Beethoven. The great composer's wish was granted. You can even get a deeper glimpse into the life of a penniless artist when you take a look at the record of Schubert's estate.


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