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Remise Transport Museum

Interactive Insights into Public Transport in Vienna

The new and fascinating Remise Transport Museum (Verkehrsmuseum Remise) shows historic and modern vehicles and offers interactive insights into public transport in Vienna. There is no better way to truly experience the history of Vienna's public transportation system.

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Remise Transport Museum Vienna (Photo By: Verkehrsmuseum)

The site of the new Transport Museum was built in 1900. It was still operational all the way up until 1990. It was turned into to a modern museum for the entire family in 2014. It is the perfect place to see an assortment of historic exhibits, with a primary focus on the multifaceted history of public transport and a deep look into the everyday world of public transport operations, especially with trams and buses. Starting with the classic horse-drawn tramway of days gone by all the way up until Vienna's subway system (which opened in 1978), the museum's 14 different themed exhibits take you on quite a journey through the life of Vienna's public transport.

The transportation history and information is displayed in multiple innovative and creative ways. For example, a converted "Silberpfeil" set with glazed display windows showcases a view of the vehicle technology. A breathtaking multimedia subway simulator gives spectators the opportunity to experience the routes of the five subway lines through the perspective of the drivers. Visitors to the museum can also experience the role of a ticket collector. The different themed exhibits have interactive multimedia content that encourages visitor participation. And another amazing exhibit is a display of the bus that plunged into the Danube following the collapse of the Reichsbrücke in 1976.


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