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Museum of Art History Vienna

A Compilation of Excellence

Founded over a century ago, the Museum of Art History Vienna (Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien) was originally built in close proximity to the Hofburg Imperial Palace to house the many artistic works that belonged to the imperial family.

The Museum of Art History contains brilliant and monumental works from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque Era. The collection of Emperor Kaiser Rudolph II and the exotica complex are well-known fascinating exhibits.

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Museum of Art History Vienna

A new program was instituted in 2012 to include modern and contemporary art in the museum, which had prior largely consisted of only classical works. One of the most interesting pieces of art is the Cellini Salt Cellar is Benvenuto Cellini’s sculpture that was stolen in May 2003, and recovered in January 2006.

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The museum has become very well regarded as the subject of Johannes Holzhausen’s 2014 documentary “The Great Museum”, and it is featured in an episode of Museum Secrets on the History Channel. 

Description: Museum of Art History is an extraordinarily entertaining and unique art museum in Vienna.

Kunsthistorisches Museum


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