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Museum Judenplatz

To Remember the Holocaust and the Jewish Community of Vienna

Every thinking, caring adult should visit the Museum Judenplatz, a unique place to remember the Holocaust and the thriving Jewish community of Vienna that once was. This rare and powerful museum consists of three parts: A museum about medieval Jewry, the excavations of a medieval synagogue, and Rachel Whiteread's Memorial.

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Museum Judenplatz Vienna
Museum Judenplatz Vienna

The central features of the museum, which is operated by the Jewish Museum of the City of Vienna, are showrooms on medieval Jewry in Vienna. They include a virtual tour through 14th century Vienna and excavations of a medieval synagogue, located in the museum’s subterranean rooms. Experience the religious, cultural and social living conditions of Vienna’s Jews of that period until their early 15th century expulsion.

Museum Judenplatz

Photo copyright: Jewish Museum
Photo copyright: Jewish Museum

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Address: Judenpl. 8, 1010 Wien, Austria
Phone: 43-1-5350431

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