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Imperial Silver Collection

Learn about the Court Dining Culture of the Imperial Dynasty

When visiting the Imperial Palace, the experience is incomplete without seeing the Imperial Silver Collection (Silberkammer). This is the best way to learn about the court dining culture of the former imperial dynasty. You will see a phenomenal collection of precious porcelain and crystal glasses, ornate centerpieces, and simple copper kitchenware.

Imperial Silver Collection

After the end of the Habsburg monarchy in 1918, the imperial holdings passed into the ownership of the Austrian Republic. Many items were sold off, but the majority remained in the Court Silver and Table Room. Today around 7,000 items from the total of 150,000 are on display.

Don't forget to check out the "Milan centerpiece", the most impressive of all the exhibits. This 30 meter-long luxurious centerpiece was created in 1838 for the coronation of Emperor Ferdinand I as king of the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia. In addition, come see porcelain from East Asia, panoramic plates, glazed earthenware, and gold and silverware.


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