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Bohemian Prater

Something for Everyone at this Fantastic Park

If you want a day of joy and fun in Vienna, come on over to the Bohemian Prater (Böhmischer Prater) pleasure park, a family-friendly destination in Favoriten. The park offers entertainment and recreation for the whole family. Bohemian Prater is calmer than places such as Wurstelprater, and many of the attractions are even suitable for the very young. 

The Bohemian Prater has over 150 years of history. Franz Bauer, a canteen owner of the Laaer Wald brickworks, ran a small inn at the Prater, a very popular destination for Sunday excursions. He set up a swing and a carousel there in 1882, and as time went by, other showmen and gourmet chefs followed suit.

Bohemian Prater offers a fine, nostalgic ambience you are bound to love. The rides and dining outlets are arranged along a pedestrian zone. The center of the park is the "Music Oasis", where events for young and old are held year round.

Children will fall in love with the small carousel, the autodrome, and the inimitable Giant Ferris Wheel. There are fantastic water attractions, such as aqua balls, aqua bumpers, and the Marine Bay. These are all particularly well attended on hot summer days. The park includes vintage rides, such as a 90 year-old rollercoaster, as well as a wide array of modern attractions. Also check out Wilfert’s Riesenrad, a 21.5-meter tall cantilever design with 14 passenger cars.

Prater is also a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat. You can visit the Sweet Tram, just about the best experience for those with a sweet tooth. And there's plenty more Viennese cuisine at the famous restaurant Figlmuller, a wine tavern, and all sorts of great places to grab snacks.

There is something special for people of all ages and interests at the Bohemian Prater. Come along for the fun and excitement!


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Address: Böhmischer Prater, Tivoli, Laaer Wald 216 1100 Vienna, Austria
Phone: 43-664-1608900

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