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Beethoven House Museum

Be Inspired Like Beethoven!

Beethoven House Museum Vienna (Beethoven Pasqualati House) was the house of famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven intermittently for eight years, where he composed some of his best works. While staying there, Beethoven composed the opera Leonore, which was later renamed Fidelio.

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Beethoven House Museum Vienna

The Beethoven Pasqualatihaus was also the place where Beethoven worked on his 5th and 6th symphonies and the well-known piano piece Fur Elise. During Beethoven’s second stay at the residence, Bettina Brentano visited him several times and noted her impressions of Beethoven in the infamous letter ‘Goethe’s correspondence with a child’.

Brentano is widely believed to be an inspiration and muse for Beethoven’s greatest works. Unfortunately, current guests cannot see the actual apartment Beethoven stayed in, but this still remains an homage and memorial to the composer.

The minimalist structure of the house and the view it offers of green, suburban Vienna is beautiful and was inspiration to the great composer.


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