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Austrian Film Museum

Exploring the Beauty and History of Film

Who doesn’t love film? We highly recommend a trip to the Austrian Film Museum (Österreichisches Filmmuseum). Founded in 1964, this treasure is a time and art-historical museum for film. It serves as a research and education center and has committed itself to the preservation and living transmission of cinematic heritage.

The museum includes topics that are explored in multiple retrospectives and events. Some exhibits should not be missed. One is called "What is Film" and consists of 63 full-length programs shown weekly.

Vienna Film Museum

The museum's film collection contains more than 31,000 works. The focus is on the classics of film history, as well as avant-garde film, the Soviet revolutionary cinema, the German-language film exile, and others. There are also more than 400,000 objects and a comprehensive collection of posters, documents and technology. The museum contains the largest specialist library on film, with 23,000 books and over 400 journal titles. Check out the "Special Collections", gathered through targeted collecting activities and other means.

The museum also offers lectures, artist talks, guided collection tours, and has used the internet to expand its projects. In 2005, the famed director Martin Scorsese took over the honorary presidency of the Austrian Film Museum, demonstrating the international importance of the house.

Austrian Film Museum


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