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Enjoy the Culinary Diversity in the Imperial City of Vienna

Figlmuller is definitely a place you need to experience during a trip to Vienna. The ambiance, the food, and the overall opulence will leave you wanting more. If you love food, you’ll love Figlmuller.

Figlmuller Wiener Schnitzel

Vienna would not be the same without Figlmuller. Figlmuller gives the town a rural decor complete with the biggest and best schnitzels in the business, a symbol of Vienna's incredible lifestyle. The schnitzel is a delectable dish made from meat, eggs, oils and breadcrumbs. Its preparation entails tenderizing the meat, coating it with batter and breadcrumbs and frying it to perfection. 

Enjoy traditional dishes ranging from goulash to schnitzels, and washed down with exquisite wine from the owner’s own vineyard. The chefs combine and blend recipes from various countries to create a fantastic diversity of flavors. Young and old gather to enjoy the quality wines and savor the tantalizing Viennese cuisines.

Figlmuller is open daily from 11AM-10:30 PM. Reservations are required.


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