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Vienna Skip the Line

Fast Track Entry at Vienna Attractions

Can you imagine being able to enjoy attractions without spending half your vacation in line?

With the convenience of having tickets or vouchers to some of the most sought after attractions BEFORE you step in line, you don’t have to imagine it! Buy early, save money, no waiting in lines? Sounds right to us! .

Because lots of people know about Skip The Line, it’s crucial you book tickets and make reservations as early as possible.   Not only do you want to save time and energy, but ensure tickets are still available!  You can buy a voucher package, or book trips directly through venue websites. Planning is always best, especially with these attractions:

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Line next to the Haus des Meeres

Wiener Riesenrad

This incredible Ferris wheel hosts a panoramic view that you can’t beat! Though the Riesenrad is not the biggest amusement park wheel, its history is breathtaking. Lines are hours long if you don’t book them in advance, especially since you can be served a meal while in rotation!

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Apple Strudel Show

Not only do you get to see how the Café Residenz makes their world famous apple strudels, you also get free samples before you leave.  With opportunity to visit the original court’s bakery and come home with the recipe, it’s easy to see why advanced reservations are needed.

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Apple Strudel Show in Schonbrunn Palace

Spanische Hofreitschule

The Spanish Riding School of Vienna opens its doors to equestrians and horse lovers alike.  Watching these horses perform in ways only Lipizzaner stallions can, is jaw dropping and beautiful.  The artistry on display is in high demand, as is watching these majestic animals dance to their own Viennese music.

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Vienna Time Travel

Traveling through 400 years of Viennese history in a monastery while listening to Mozart may seem impossible, but the wonders of technology make it very real.  With reflections on the Vienna of old, and a tour of modern day Vienna, you’re sure to be amazed at everything about this city.

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The imposingly beautiful Vienna Danube Tower allows visitors to take in a 360 degree view of the city while dining in any one of a host of eateries.  Standing 150 meters tall, the Donauturm gives its visitors an incredible glimpse of the city; it’s popularity is undeniable!

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Vienna Ring Tram

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ring upon which the Tram rides is over 100 years old and surrounds the city center.  Theaters, opera houses and the like were all built alongside the Ring. Riding the Tram allows you to take in these sites in a comfortably, seated way.

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Wachau Valley

Wine tasting with the region’s wine experts is a deliciously pleasant way to enjoy the fruits of the land while experiencing the breadth of the Wachau Valley. With a calmer, more rural feel, this is a tasty trip that is highly sought after and enjoyed immensely.


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