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A Traditional Viennese Wine Town, and So Much More

Grinzing is known as one of the best wine regions of Vienna. It is an old Viennese wine town with numerous traditional wine taverns you can visit. And you won't want to miss taking a tour through the gorgeous vineyards.

Grinzing is incredibly visually stimulating, with stunning ancient architecture and fragments of Roman ruins. Grinzing is well known for its landscapes and breathtaking hills, meadows and more. The beauty of the area has attracted many important and influential people, such as Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss, Einstein, Freud and several others. Some who visited or lived in Grinzing created their most famous masterpieces there.

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Grinzing Austria

There are more than 25 Heurigen (wine taverns) in Grinzing and the surrounding areas, each with its own unique history, atmosphere, wine and food. The local wine taverns are excellent places to sit in their garden ambiance and experience the Austrian way of life. You will get to enjoy traditional dishes, drink young wine, and bask in the overhanging grapevines. The carefree tavern life is a staple of Austrian society. Please note, the Heurigen are not always open, giving the vintners time to cultivate their vineyards and produce their wine. It is always best to check in advance.

While in Grinzing, you should certainly take a trip to the famous Wine Tavern Wolf to enjoy the Vienna Heurigen Show. This popular performance is filled with colorful costumes and an impressive variety of singing and spectacular dances. Your evening will not just be wining and dining, but a truly majestic artistic experience.

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Heurigen in Grinzing


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