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Sisi Museum

The Fascinating Story and Restless Life of Empress Sisi 

Empress Elisabeth, or Sisi, is a well-known Viennese cult figure with a fascinating history. The Sisi Museum in Hofburg, Vienna, houses the memories of the empress and her personal belongings.

Elisabeth's private life, her rebellious acts, her escape to the beauty cult, effusive poetry, and obsession with being slim are at the heart of the exhibit. Located in the Imperial Apartments of the Imperial Palace, the museum expresses the restless life lived by the legendary queen.

Sisi Museum Vienna

Dresses, harps, fans, gloves and beauty items 

There are over 300 objects on display, with the exhibit’s design inspired by Sisi’s own poetry. One of the noticeable features in the Sisi Museum is the reconstruction of Elizabeth's summer dresses that she left behind before her wedding. You will find her Hungarian coronation dress and her childhood items, such as dresses, harps, fans, gloves, beauty items and her travelling medicine chest. 

You will also find breathtaking portraits of this beautiful legendary empress, as well as an assortment of artwork created by Empress Elisabeth herself. Other items on display include Sisi’s art supplies and her first-aid kit, and a reconstruction of her imperial saloon car.

Empress Elisabeth's mourning dress and six-piece mourning jewelry after the death of her son, Crown Prince Rudolph, are also on display at the museum. Get a peek into Sisi’s troubled life and how she met her tragic death via assassination in 1898 in Geneva. You can even find her original death certificate on display in the museum.

Sisi museum tickets & opening hours

For the price of just one ticket, you can access the Sisi Museum, the Imperial Apartments and the Silver Collection, and truly deepen and enrich your knowledge and impression of daily life for the empire. And, of course, you can enjoy amazing food and drinks at the Hofburg Café while you’re there as well. Tickets are €29.90 for adults, €18 for children, and admission is free for children under six.

2017 marked the Sisi Museum’s 150th anniversary, and it is dedicated to Franz Joseph and Elisabeth for their special relationship with Hungary.

The best way to access the museum, which lies right in the heart of the city, is via underground or other forms of public transport. The museum is open daily at 9AM, and closes at 5:30PM from September to June, and 6PM in July and August. It is requested that groups of ten or more make prior reservations.


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