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Spanish Riding School

Spanische Hofreitschule

The Spanish Riding School An equestrian experience never to be forgottenת The Spanish Riding School is a renowned institution that has been a part of Vienna’s incredible culture since 1565. It is called “Spanish” because of the origin of its horses. Today’s Lippizaner stallions are descended from the original Spanish breed.

The riding school was completed in 1735, after being commissioned by the Emperor Charles VI to build a riding school in the Hofburg Palace. The original intent was to create an institute for royal youth to receive their riding instruction; however, now the school is an important part of Viennese culture for everyone.

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Spanische Hofreitschul Show

The Spanish Riding School Performances

One of the best ways to experience this delightful establishment is to visit Tuesday-Friday to witness the horses’ morning training. Watch the grace and finesse of these magnificent creatures as they and their riders practice skilled maneuvers in preparation for performance. Or you could attend one of the monthly gala performances, where you can witness the finest equestrian beauty and grace in some of the world’s most highly acclaimed traditional performances.

The royal stables of the Spanish Riding School

You can also attend the summer program, “Piber meets Vienna”, to learn everything you would ever want to know about where these horses come from, their rigorous training, and the history of the traditions surrounding the performances. All training and performances are accompanied by stunning and evocative classical music, perfectly complementing the richness and intensity of the experience.

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These performances are highly in demand and we strongly suggest you do everything in your power to purchase tickets in advance (children under three are not permitted at performances).

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Spanische Hofreitschul The stables

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