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Museum Hundertwasser

The Best Way to Experience the Greatness of Hunterwasser

The Museum Hundertwasser (KunstHaus) was founded by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, one of the most important Austrian artists of the twentieth century. This unique museum is near the Hundertwasser House and represents the philosophy and creativity of this famous artist. 

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The Museum Hundertwasser exhibits the world's largest collection of his paintings, printed graphics and tapestries. Hundertwasser's paintings are easily recognized by their intense, radiant colors combined with gold and silver foil woven into the pictures. He had mastered many graphic techniques, including lithograph, silk screen and etching. And he created his tapestries without any template, to ensure what he made was authentic and truly had "soul".

The Hundertwasser Gallery is Vienna’s first “green museum”, giving visitors the opportunity to experience Hundertwasser’s visionary ecological commitment.  He experimented with grass roofs and planted trees on the outside of buildings. His popularity is extremely influenced by his active dedication to nature and protecting the environment.

Hundertwasser Museum

Kunst Haus in Vienna


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