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Concerts in Vienna

Shows in Vienna​

Vienna is many things to many people, music being one of the most important. Though this beautiful city is home to some of the greatest, classical musicians ever, there are many other types of music the City of Dreams has to offer. With indoor concerts as well as shows in outdoor venues, various types of musical performances add to Vienna’s nightlife and social scene. You see, Vienna is no longer just a bastion of operatic entertainment or symphonic delight. Pop music, jazz, and good old rock and roll have found their way amongst Mozart’s classics, Beethoven’s artistry, and Brahms’ lullabies.

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Shows in Vienna

Vienna Park Concerts

The Szene, with its indoor arena and outdoor gathering spots, boasts performances by Indie rockers, Pop and Blues singers, and local as well as international musicians.  Jazzland, one of Vienna’s oldest jazz venues, aims to provide good food, great music, and stylish ambience.  Everyone can find their musical niche in Vienna.

Concerts at The Ernst Happel Stadion

Known as the largest sports arena in Austria, this stadium hosts an assortment of musicians as varied as they come.  ColdPlay, Guns N’ Roses, and Ed Sheeran are but a few of the exciting shows featured. With room for nearly 100,000 audience members, performances are bound to be electrifying. 

Book Tickets in Advance

Though there’s always a chance you can get same day tickets for shows, it’s best to order them online, purchase concert vouchers as soon as you book your trip, and in general, reserve your spot before you arrive. Venue seating goes fast, and you don’t miss out on anything.

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