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Classical Music in Vienna

A Brief Overview of the Origins of Classical Music in Vienna

While Vienna is not the birthplace of classical music, it is certainly high on the list of places in which classical music is both played and celebrated. Vienna is often referred to as the world’s “Capital of Classical Music,” and for good reason. Some of this genre’s greats, including Johann Strauss and Franz Schubert, were born here. In fact, many other composers have flocked to this city in order to share their musical ingenuity, expertise, and talents. Amongst those talents is Wolfgang Mozart, who visited and performed in Vienna, often.

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Classical Music in Vienna

Concerts in the Vienna State Opera House

One of the best places to experience Vienna’s musical culture is in the halls of the Vienna State Opera House. With its architectural grandeur and the breadth of its highly acclaimed repertoire, the Wiener Staatsoper as it is known in German, is one of the busiest and largest opera houses in the world.

Concerts in The Theater an der Wien

This extravagantly designed, Baroque theater features concerts and dance performances on a nearly monthly basis.  Theater an der Wien has been a cultural bastion since the turn of the 19th century. In fact, the theater has hosted many a distinguished artist, including Mozart, who performed his final piece, The Magic Flute here.

Concerts in Viennese Cathedrals and Churches

Concerts are also performed in churches and cathedrals, as they offer a vastness and ethereality befitting of classical music.  St. Anne’s Baroque Church provides a sanctity of space that adds ceremoniously to each piece of classical music. Vienna’s Chamber Orchestra plays annually at St. Stephen’s Cathedral as it too, enhances each piece’s musicality.

Outdoor Concerts

In warmer weather you can enjoy any number of concerts in City Hall Square, the gardens of Schonbrunn Palace, or the lusciously green and spacious seating of Grafenegg.  Each of these venues, amongst the other outdoor spaces, invite you to enjoy not only classical music, but jazz performances, opera, and chamber music.

Booking Your Tickets in advance

Vienna is full of wonderful, cultural experiences, which is why it is best to book tickets in advance. Tickets for more popular concerts go quickly, but there is no guarantee you will be able to buy tickets to lesser known shows at the box office later on.  In order to save money and guarantee your tickets, book them today.

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Concerts Outdoor Vienna State Opera House


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